Los hoteles para mascotas son costosos y generalmente estresan a los animales. Una buena alternativa son los cuidadores de mascotas o pet/house sitters; sin embargo, seleccionar el apropiado no es tarea fácil. Con los siguientes argumentos trataré de convencerte que soy la persona indicada para cuidar tu mascota y tu casa.

— New Westminster, British Columbia, Canadá.

Razón #1: ¡Amo a las mascotas!

Mi familia siempre tuvo mascotas, al principio gatos y después perros. Y si por alguna razón no podíamos tenerlas en casa, mis hermanos y yo buscábamos la manera de dar comida a los perros callejeros.

Cuando nos mudamos a Argentina, solíamos…


Often pet hotels are expensive and stressful for pets. A promising, affordable alternative is a caring pet/house sitter. But choosing the right one may not be an easy task. Let me share with you who I am and why I am the ideal person to care for your pet(s) and home.

— New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

Reason #1: I love pets!

My family has always had pets, first cats and then dogs.

As a child, my siblings and I would find ways to feed and care for stray dogs.

When we lived in Argentina, we would rescue abandoned puppies near our…

Clipped from June 3, 1911, Calgary Herald, page 1

On June 2, 1911, the New Westminster community was shocked to learn that 45-year-old, Sarah Ann Elizabeth Jobes, was shot to death by her husband, Henry Anderson Jobes.

This extreme form of domestic violence was not an isolated event in the city’s daily life, nor is it rare today. Sadly, it has been part of human history, and it continues to occur into the present day. The magnitude and frequency of the crime are such that it has earned the name “femicide” in the penal system of many Western countries.

Sarah and Henry, along with their two sons William and…

Courtesy of Pixabay

A sales letter is a piece of direct mail designed to persuade the reader to purchase a particular product or service in the absence of a salesman. The following text is an example of a sales letter.

Happily, this is easy to do.

No matter the size of your company or your role in the xxx industry, I can help you increase your sales as I have done for nearly 60 clients.

My name is xxx, and I’m based in xxx. And even though you and I may never meet in person, I can help you overcome your business challenges.

Orbital Insight

Orbital Insight helps portfolio managers or responsible for commercial banks track the spread of the coronavirus. In this way, they’ll understand the impact COVID-19 has on the supply chain within their investments.

I wrote this article on March 11, 2020

Imagine a company that wants to assess the impact of COVID-19 on fuel demand in a large city. The company wants to track airport foot traffic and flight patterns in real time since regional airlines are suspending flights. An alternative is to look at previous outbreaks, but this can paint an inaccurate picture. So the company hires Orbital Insight to…

Historia de los Alonso del municipio de Gachancipá (Colombia): alegrías, fatigas, desdichas y consuelos.

Hace 40 años mi papá empezó a buscar sus raíces en las partidas de bautismo de la iglesia de Gachancipá. Con el tiempo, mi hermano Carlos le ayudó en la tarea y juntos construyeron nuestro primer árbol familiar. Pero nombres sin fotos y fotos sin historias, no dicen nada. Así que decidí reunir algunos testimonios y fotografías (más de 200) que dan vida a esta familia, los Alonso.

Por un primo (Fernando Alonso) supe que Juan Alonso de la Torre fue un lugarteniente de Gonzalo Jiménez de Quezada, y uno de los primeros Alonsos que llegaron de España al Nuevo…

Aldyen Irene Hendry, 1901 May Queen — New Westminster Archives 2428

Aldyen Irene Hendry was the longest living, richest, and most influential New Westminster May Queen.

Ms. Hendry lived for 103 years and had a life full of events. She was a May Queen, married a British Columbia Lieutenant Governor, donated a park, owned precious paintings, rubbed shoulders with British royalty, created a foundation, and held one of Canada’s most luxurious houses.

Early Years

Aldyen Irene Hendry was born in New Westminster, on April 16, 1885, to John Hendry and Adeline McMillan. Mr. Hendry was a prominent lumberman for many years and owned the Hastings Saw Mill in Vancouver. …

Cloud computing, as we know it today, has been an enormous advance in the service segments — from the dawn of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and now Everything-as-a-Service (XaaS).

Likewise, businesses are moving into that software-defined world with usage-based service contracts and a XaaS ecosystem of providers.

The global XaaS market will grow at a compounded annual growth rate of between 2016 and 2020. The XaaS model is becoming a as much as it is a tactic, according to one executive.

The cloud offers a platform for organizations to generate new products and…

Proper vaccine storage and handling have been an essential factor in preventing and eradicating many common vaccine-preventable diseases. Failure to regulate a vaccine’s temperature can reduce its potency, resulting in inadequate immune responses in patients and reduced protection against diseases. Providers in programs must pay close attention to the cold chain to prevent vaccines from being exposed to temperatures outside the recommended ranges.

Temperature Monitoring Devices (TMDs) eliminate this problem by providing accurate information from monitoring temperature conditions inside refrigerator and freezer storage units.

The Challenges of Poor Maintenance of Cold Chain for Vaccines

The cold…

Cosrtesía de

Las empresas que venden cosas nuevas, complejas o costosas generalmente deben esperar la aprobación de un comité para cerrar negocios. Es un proceso que incluye a varias personas y que puede durar semanas, meses, y aún años. En consecuencia, el número de transacciones se limita. Un white paper agiliza este proceso. Usando estadísticas y argumentos lógicos, un white paper educa, informa y persuade al potencial cliente. El siguiente artículo analiza las ventajas que esta herramienta tiene para las empresas.

Muchos de los productos que compras en los supermercados los has visto antes en la televisión, oído en la radio o…

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