Gain More Customers by Listing Your Company in a Business Directory

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Learning From Helping Almost 60 Companies

I created my business on the side while I worked my day job, and since then, my business has grown.

How it Works

Since 1998, xxx has been the online business directory for producers, researchers, packers, processors and retailers around the world.

Why xxx is different

If there’s one thing I’ve learned after helping nearly 60 companies, it’s this:

You Get It All For Just $139!

That’s right…

  • Publication of company news
  • Descriptions of your products and services
  • Links to your company’s videos
  • A weekly newsletter that tells customers about your news and reminds them about your products
  • An events calendar
  • Twitter promotions of your offers
  • A contact form for use by customers to request information from you
  • A brochure about your company distributed to potential customers at major trade shows
  • Information about your company published in the annual directory

About the author

Jorge Luis Alonso G. is a writer specializing in potato cultivation who writes marketing content for ag-tech companies. He has lived with his family in Canada since 2018.

Freelance B2B Technology Content Marketing Writer

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